SAIL IT presents SaiGlory. This is our humble offering of gratitude by Singapore Sai Youths to our Dearest Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba on our personal journey with Him. We present to you a collection of experiences, miracles and lessons learnt in our journey with Sai through various divine episodes shared by devotees from our Sai Family. Come, Let's SAIL IT together for a SAI LIT Life.

Speaker: Sis.Vaasanthi Samyuktha

Sai Glory Season 2 Episode 5

Sairam, We bring to you a very special episode by Sai Youth Vaasanthi Samyuktha. In this episode, she shares how Swami appeared before her at the tender age of 6 and miraculously healed her. This was THE calling for her entire family to enter into the Sai fold. Her narration on how she sees Swami as her best friend is indeed heartwarming. Witness the same and let’s immerse ourselves in His Divinity.

Speaker: Aunty Lakshmi Manickam

Sai Glory Season 2 Episode 6

Sairam. In this episode of Sai Glory, Smt. Lakshmi Manickam shares her first Darshan of Swami and her first interview with Swami. Let us all immerse ourselves in listening to the glory of our Lord. For part 1 of sharing of Smt. Lakshmi Manickam, please view at Sairam.